💌 The Beauty Alerts Vol.46

Dupe for rhode skin by Hailey Bieber's glazing milk and Tom Ford Tropical Dusk

Hi, my loves -

I am planning a post on Barbie Pink makeup, inspired by the Barbie movie.

But honestly, to quote Amy Odell, “The Barbie movie hype has been so drawn out that it feels like it should have come out fifty times by now. “

It’s not out until July 21.

Oh well…Let’s see what tricks they have on their sleeve to keep our attention for another month. I bet it’s collabs 👇️ 

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Beauty Dupes

rhode skin by Hailey Bieber launched its glazing milk essence, and it’s surely nothing new if you know K-Beauty. We got two more affordable dupes for the glazing milk for you guys, with similar formula.

p.s. We talked about their peculiar marketing photo in our previous beauty alert.

And of course, another dupe of the week (#3!)


Viseart shadow palettes are extremely underrated, their formula is so luxurious considering their price point.

Even better when they have a $30 dupe for a $90 Tom Ford palette

Sophia Sees Beauty shared the proof that the Visert Petit Pro Solstice ($30) looks almost identical to the Tom Ford Tropical Dusk palette ($90)


Red is a scary color sometimes. But if you wear it right, woof!

This look by Jeanne Damas with a red t-shirt, gold chain, and blue jeans, and… a gorgeous red lip!

This reminds me of the Merit Signature Lipstick in APERITIF.


Interesting beauty fact I just found!

Benefit founders, Jean and Jane Ford, created the Benetint Lip & Cheek Stain, their debut product, as a nipple tint for exotic dancers in 1976 in San Francisco. You would imagine it works well as a cheek flush.

Benefit also demoed it on TikTok 😃 


Back to the topic of merit, it seems like they are launching a face powder soon. Interested to see their take on it - I don’t know what other innovation can be done on powders to make it unique, other than packaging.


A short poem to share with you.

“Beauty is a means of celebrating ourselves, not to alter who we are.” - Violette

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