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Glossier, Goop, Tower 28, Kate Somerville Dupes

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Long time no see! I was on vacation with family in Acadia national park and decided to leave my laptop at home. We don’t have cable network at home so my guilty pleasure when I am on vacation is also watching random TV shows 😀 

If you are in the New York area, I hope you stay at home, have a mask on, or maybe a Dyson Zone?

The air-purifying headphone that perplexed everyone now seems like a reasonable purchase?!

Although…Dyson purifying headphones only filter out NO₂, SO₂, and Ozone, not the PM 2.5 pollutants from wildfire.

And it’s $999!

Per a commenter: Very dystopian, only the rich should breathe air vibes. Love it!

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Beauty Dupes

You might have noticed that we have a new #dupeoftheweek post. It’s to alert you of 5 of the new dupes we found for the past week. So you can know of them sooner (and I don’t need to write 5 different dupe alerts 🤣 )

Dupe of the Week #1 - Glossier, Goop, Tower 28, Kate Somerville Dupes

Glossier Orange Blossom Neroli Scent Dupes Recommended by Redditors

More Affordable Dupe for the Rare Beauty Liquid Blush with Wider Color Range


You are probably going to up your shaving game now summer is here.

And the most effective tool for hair removal for me is an epilator.

An epilator works by plucking out hairs while a shaver cuts hair at the skin’s surface. It differs from a shaver, which cuts hair at the skin's surface, as it provides longer-lasting results by targeting the hair follicles directly.


Sarah Snook’s makeup look on Fallon Tonight is so simple yet beautiful.

Detailed breakdown from her makeup artist Nancy:


I am actually excited about trying rhode beauty’s new skin essence.

BUT….the oversexualized marketing images for a facial skincare brand seem so unnecessary.

A hot take on Reddit: the brand is the merch, and the product is HB.


I’ve been reading Flawless: Lessons in Looks and Culture from the K-Beauty Capital, such a fascinating book about the K-Beauty industry.

From it, I learned the original cushion foundation was invented by the Korean beauty brand IOPE.

And the IOPE cushion foundation was what’s worn by Cheong Song Yi in Love From Another Star


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