💌 The Beauty Dupe Alerts Vol.50

Reddit Top Beauty Dupes ft. Drunk Elephant, Glossier, Youth to The People

Hi, my loves -

We haven’t shown up in your inbox in a while.

Honestly, I just felt a bit burnt out. Because when I say we, it’s mainly me doing all these😆. And I have to distract myself with some other projects to get out of this rut.

However, when I reflect on why I felt that way, it is because the beauty industry is just too much. There’s so much going on, yet not too differentiated, so it’s becoming more and more difficult for consumers like us to make a choice.

Which lip butter balm to get?

Which cream blush to get?

Which sunscreen to get?

There are so many similar choices - so we end up with choice overload - burnt out.

Interestingly, this reinforced my motivation to start beauty dupes in the first place - to let people know they already have many product options. They should spend more money on “un-dupable” products.

So this newsletter will focus on updating you on new dupes moving forward. This is our passion and our expertise.

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Beauty Dupes

This is a new series that we hope you will like - Reddit Top Beauty Dupes.

We started this because the Reddit community always resurfaces the best tried-and-true dupes, so you don’t have to dig through them yourself.

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