💌 The Beauty Alerts Vol.48

The Sephora Collection Dupe for the Rare Beauty Lip Souffle

Hi, my loves -

Be honest - how many lip product have you bought post pandemic?

These are just what I have on my desk. There are many more in my makeup drawer. I need to stop buying.

On the bright side, these come inl different textures and I love every single one of them 🥰 

Now on to today’s beauty alerts 🫡 

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Beauty Dupes

There’s a new dupe alert in the pipeline. In the mean time, these are what’s added to our database:


This is the Sephora Collection dupe for the Rare Beauty lip souffle. I’ve been using it in the color No Drama and It is so good!

Blurred lip, non-drying, long-lasting, buildable, and mostly transfer-proof.


This monochromatic look from Refy (with their new lip blush) remind me so much of the Bite Beauty Multistick era, one stick to rule them all.

I especially like it’s a natural matte look. Sometimes the combination of the trendy juicy lips and dewy skin just look so overdone.


DIY Glycerin Mist > Mineral Water Mist

A tip from Dr.Shereen on DIYing hydrating mist. Just mix 1/3 glycerin to 2/3 water, it’s better than those expensive mineral water for hydrating the skin.


Jones Road Beauty launched a limited edition mirror during July 4th with the messaging “Shut Up, You Look great.”

It clearly took inspiration from Glossier’s “You Look Good” but didn’t do as good a job.


Is your partner inside or outside of Sephora when you are shopping?

Mine is usually inside following me around making comments like: this packaging looks too cheap for the price.

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