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AAPI Brands at Ulta

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Beauty Dupes

We promised (if you remember) in a previous beauty alert that we were working on dupe alerts to give you AAPI-owned alternatives if you want to support them.

Well….even better!! After realizing that there isn’t an AAPI section at Ulta, we pulled together a list of all AAPI brands at Ulta for you to easily support. In it, you will also see what popular products you can substitute with these AAPI brands instead.

And we are working on a list of AAPI brands at Sephora - will let you know as soon as it’s ready :)


An effective and powerful visual from MOB Beauty that communicates the environmental burden of cosmetic packaging.

Not only do I agree, but I also hope more brands can learn from Guerlain and creates an absolutely art-alike lipstick case for people to cherish forever (win-win).


If you are like me, and you want to embrace colorful eye looks but are not sure how exactly to do it without looking like you are staring in a play or sth, take inspiration from Cierra Taylor.

Eyeliner: @flavedoandalbedo Bright Stripe Eyeliner (Lavender)

Glitter Topper: @halfmagicbeauty Glitterpuck Pressed Fairy Dust Eyes Face + Body


Isamaya Ffrench is the definition of unconventional.

She just launched the Industrial 2.0 shadow palette which is absolutely phenomenal. And not commercial, in a good way.

I feel like she’s the Steve Jobs in the makeup world, her job is to figure out what customers going to want before they do.


The Dieux skin TikTok account is offering us so much education.

If you see Latic acid in a Retinol product, more likely or not it’s used as a PH neutralizer rather than being an exfoliator. Because Latic acid is effective at much lower PH levels.


Are you Sephora Basket or Sephora Hands?

I am too scared for my wallet to be a Sephora Basket girl 😉 

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