💌 The Beauty Alerts Vol.45

Summer Fridays, Supergoop, Haus Labs, SK-II, Drunk Elephant Dupes + Lilac Blushes

Hi, my loves -

I was about to pull the trigger on buying a lilac/lavender blush given they are so popular right now and I am seeing them everywhere. However, I found one from my stash.

It’s an old lavender powder blush from Marc Jacobs Beauty and it still works beautifully (powder doesn’t expire that easily).

I don’t know if you’ve tried their products before but Marc Jacobs has some of the best quality makeup products, the eyeliners, the coconut primers. I really hope they come back soon.

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Beauty Dupes

Another week, another dupe of the week. We added dupes for Summer Fridays Lip Balm, Supergoop Mist, Haus Labs lip crayon, SK-II facial treatment essence, Drunk Elephant B-Hydra hydration gel.

We also added a post on Lilac/lavender blushes. Depending on your skin type, you might want different textures. We got you some of the best recommendations across the spectrum.


Summer is coming (at least not yet where I am at). You must be searching for sunscreens.

A kind of niche topic is - What’s the best sunscreen for hair part?!

Reddit raves about the Coola Scalp Hair Mist Organic Sunscreen SPF 30 ($28) as their favorite hair sunscreen, for being non-greasy and easy to blend.

It is a more affordable dupe for the out-of-stock Supergoop! Poof Part Powder SPF 35 ($34) with better reviews (no orange color).


I’ve been so obsessed with Greta Lee’s makeup looks that my IG saved folder is simply full of her faces right now 😆 

One look I am going to recreate on myself because I have the products in my collection is this dewy bronzy goodness look.

Her MUA @danadelaney shared the products used all from Tower 28 Beauty!


Both Apple Vision Pro and Facebook Metaverse are signaling the trend to go virtual in the near future. Some beauty brands are in the front line.

Laneige has a 3D interactive virtual store that is basically a 3D version of their e-commerce store focusing on product education - you still have to purchase from their normal site ☺️ 

I find it a bit gimmicky and unnecessary in a browser setting, but it sure is promising if it works in the Meta universe.


Have you ever noticed Sephora is filled with incentivized reviews? This makes the star rating completely biased and untrustworthy.

Yes, you can always click verified purchases only to filter to reviews from purchasers, but the rating won’t change. And I’ve definitely noticed for some products, the verified purchase review is a complete 180 to the incentivized ones.

The thing is, this might hype up a product or make customers buy, but this will also increase the return rate and return costs. I don’t know if the Sephora team has really calculated the cost and benefit yet but people certainly are noticing.


I’ve been searching for more “technical” content on makeup applications, @vincentford on IG is amazing at breaking down makeup tutorials for non makeup pros to follow along.

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