The Beauty Alerts Vol.36

Do you need a $100 Slip Silk Pillowcase?

Hi, my loves -

Merit just raised their price again before the Sephora VIB sale. It’s only relevant that we started a thread on how we the beauty-obsessed survive inflation.

Not buying at all is not an option.

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Beauty Dupes

Having a silk pillowcase or a silk turban would definitely make your hair less frizzy in the morning.

But do you need to pay almost $100 for a 100% mulberry silk pillowcase from brands like SLIP? Noooo….

I bought a 100% mulberry silk pillowcase (with zip enclosure) from Amazon for only $18 and it’s exactly the same, just without the logo.

We wrote a post on the more affordable but equally luxurious dupe for the Slip pillowcase if you want to read more on it.


Not all The Ordinary products are good…Although the ones I tried like the Buffet and the Hyaluronic Acid serum definitely make the price seem like a bargain.

People on Reddit are raving about their Lactic Acid. It’s only $9 - worth a try.


If you feel like you haven't been inspired or excited by a new makeup collection as I do...

Take a look at the Guerlain Floral Denim Collection.

Just WOW!

The same sentiment to the price - $90 for the quad! But at least it’s a collectible item.


Brands go through iterations in the product development process. What happens to the batches in the final stages that perform well and just lack some tiny teeny things some consumers don’t mind?

KraveBeauty on IG "Try this limited edition version of our jelly oil cleanser for half the price of the original but with all the same skin-loving benefits 🍇🍷✨ "

It's a win win win for the brand, consumers, and the environment.

Not enough beauty brands do this🖐️


The IG famous makeup artist Katie Jane Hughnes has been consistently uploading on Youtube and TikTok.

I found that it’s part of the standard playbook before they launch a new brand.

Isamaya Ffrench did the same thing.



I’ve been obsessed with Drew’s content (@babydewyou) on IG. They are very therapeutic to watch.

And honestly, brands should have these swatch contents on their site. Cannot believe customers still have to search for swatches on their own these days

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-Jenny H