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A $14 dupe for Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm?

Hi, my loves -

How are you doing this Spring weekend?

I am experiencing some pimples here and there, which I haven’t had for a long time, from a new round of Retinol treatment.

It is affecting my mood but I have to chant this to myself:

“Trust the process and you will have smoother skin”.

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Beauty Dupes

I got the Cay Skin Isle Lip Balm with SPF30 (only $14 for what it is) and have been obsessed with it.

It gives you long-lasting juicy lips because the texture is not as slippery, and my lips feel so soft and moisturized afterward. From packaging to formula, this is an exact dupe for the Summer Fridays Lip Balm ($24), with the added benefit of SPF.

The downside is it only comes in 3 colors unlike the wide range of options Summer Fridays have.

We wrote more about it in our newest dupe alert so give it a read if you are interested.


Do you ever feel your nose area is where makeup won’t blend well or stick to?

This Reddit post sold me on the Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel (yet to try!) The OP said this cleanser smooths out her skin texture better than any exfoliates. And now makeup sticks to their nose area much better.

As a texture girl myself, I am willing to try anything that might work. The people in the comment section are all sold on this as well.

Dermalogica is a pricey brand, so I am going to try their mini size for $13 before committing to the $40+ full-size version.


Personally, I am not a big fan of the Glossier new launch - G Suit. Not in particular because of the formula because I haven’t tried anything and cannot speak to that, but because I don’t think we need more non-transfer-proof liquid lipstick for $22 each.

We are actually working on a new dupe alert to show you the NYX Smooth Whip Lipstick ($8) is a more affordable close dupe.

Ok…rant aside. I am a huge fan of this campaign image. We need more of this kind of marketing imagery in the beauty industry - glamming up doesn’t end at the age of xx (insert what you think here).

Because of this, I am actually looking forward to my gray hair, and styling it with a wine-red lip. BEAUTIFUL!


I learned about a tool called Droplette Micro Infuser in a recent episode of Breaking Beauty.

Developed by hard-core scientists, this tool basically helps the serum to penetrate your skin on a deeper level, I don’t think there’s anything like this on the market.

The downside is that it is expensive and you have to buy the serum capsules from them, which are not cheap either.

I was tempted to try it after hearing the founders talk about what this tool can do for your skin. The reviews online, however, are not that positive - bad customer service, tool leakage, etc. I think I will wait until the brand smooths these things out.


The Reddit comment section has so much hidden tea.

Skinceuticals Patent for CE Ferulic will expire in March 2025.

This means you might be able to get the same serum without paying $182 for 1oz (just increased from $140)


Are there any beauty podcasts you love you can recommend to us and our community?

Our current favorites are Breaking Beauty and Gloss Angeles. They focus more on actual beauty news vs. the beauty founder's story.

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