The Beauty Alerts Vol.40

So many new beauty dupes

Hi, my loves -

The biggest beauty industry news recently is that Aesop was sold to L’oreal for $2.5 billion.

To give you a better idea of how big the deal is, we pulled a chart from CB Insights comparing Aesop’s valuation to other skincare companies like Deciem, Paula’s Choice, CeraVe, IT Cosmetics, and Drunk Elephant.

Personally, I consider Aesop to be a cult prestige brand, but L’Oreal must have its reasoning to put such a big $$ on Aesop.

What do you think? Are Aesop products staples in your routine?

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Beauty Dupes

One of our favorite dupes we found is the Kulfi Zari Cream Shadow, which is the more long-lasting crease-proof dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury cream eyeshadow.

You can read more about why Kulfi’s cream shadow is a superior dupe to Charlotte Tilbury’s on our site.


Wet n Wild is such an underrated brand. I’ve been using its liquid eyeshadow in the Neutral Terra. It reminds me a lot of the Violette_FR matte Yeux Paint for its lasting power.

However, what’s special about Violette_FR that Wet n Wild cannot beat is the nuances in its color, which makes sense because creating special colors is something the founder Violette is genuinely passionate about and prioritize in her products.


British Vogue has unveiled five May 2023 covers, featuring disabled activists, models, and creatives to promote diversity in beauty and fashion.

We believe that fashion and beauty should be used to lift people up, and that should be accessible to everyone.

We created for that exact same reason.



Heard on the most recent episode of Breaking Beauty that rhode beauty might be launching a cleanser soon 😉

Speaking of cleansers, we are so excited to try the Lisa Eldrige cleanser. If you are not convinced, go watch her video explaining why and how the product was created. We went from doubter to lover after this video.

Will report back on what we think.


I miss the long-form blog posts with detailed breakdowns of beauty products.

I found this blog UN BALLO IN MASCARA while doing some research.

I don’t think she’s updating it anymore. But I guess I am secretly hoping your visits can bring her back somehow.

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