The Beauty Alerts Vol.38

Read this before the Sephora sale

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Hi, my loves -

Have you seen the e.l.f. new launch of blush, contour, and highlighter wand. Since its halo glow primer launch, I feel like the brand is going after Charlotte Tilbury’s best-selling products. Well… there’s a market for similar products that don’t cost $42.

I haven’t personally tried the blush wand yet but from the review videos, the e.l.f. blush wand does seem to dry down faster and feels a bit harder to blend. Who knows! The $9 price tag might just make the extra effort worth it.

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Beauty Dupes

I’ve been looking for a more gentle version of Dermalogica’s Microfoliant to be able to use every other day. The Good Molecules pineapple exfoliating powder ($16) seems to be the winner. Will let you know how I feel.


We’ve been LOVING the dupe for Rare Beauty lip oil we recommended last week - the rom&nd juicy lasting tint. We got the color #23 Nucadamia.

It’s perfect for when you are traveling - long-lasting & hassle-free. The color is less saturated than Rare Beauty’s, which looks less intimating when you first put it on. A glossy pigmented lip look always looks a bit too much for day-to-day IMO.


I’ve been lusting over Lily Collin’s hairstyle in one of her IG posts.

The coloring, the length, the cut - perfection in my book. #hairgoals


Brands talk about removing taboos around acne, Starface is walking the talk.

I love the brand for bringing back its collab with Hello Kitty (not only because I am a fan of Hello Kitty). Starface is putting a positive spin on acne one pimple patch at a time.


I’ve noticed retailers increase prices prior to sales before, but not Sephora!

A Redditor noticed Sephora Canada had some unreasonable price adjustments before the sale. All I can say is…look out!


Another post on Reddit I want to share with you before the Sephora sale. I think it sums up my sentiment spot on:

  • 20% off is not much

  • Don’t buy something because it’s hyped up

  • Buy what you need, not as backups, not for sale.

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