The Beauty Alerts Vol.35

You will love this dupe.

Hi, my loves -

Are you trying to constrain yourself from placing an order every day with Ulta’s 21 days of beauty sale? Someone on Reddit raised a good point. It would be more environmentally friendly if Ulta could combine orders from the same customer into one shipment.

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Iconic London launched a Rollaway Glow Highlighter that looks exactly like the Charlotte Tilbury beauty light wand, just in a more hygienic applicator compared to the sponge IMO.

It is cheaper, $29 compared to CT’s $42, But the colors are almost exact matches to the original 3 colors CT launched,

  • Rose Potion - Pinkgasm

  • Peach Paradise - Peachgasm

  • Champagne - Spotlight

I am definitely going to give it a try. Iconic London is known for making good highlighters.


In one of my tweets, I advised against buying the Stila liquid eyeliner even when it’s 50% off because…there’s something better for only 10 bucks.

And it is the NYX Epic Ink liquid eyeliner. Long lasting, good brush, opaque in color, nothing beats it. We recommended it as a dupe for the Glossier Pro Tip in one of our dupe alerts. Honestly, it probably can dupe all the liquid liners.


The old Hollywood look never gets old. And it fits Jessica Chastain so well. She’s wearing Charlotte Tilbury K.i.s.s.i.n.g lipstick in So Red for the Oscars.


You ever cut open a tube to scrape out the last bit of cream or serum? It’s annoying and wasteful.

I went to the MIT Museum today and they showed this “Liquid Glide” technology which prevents liquids from attaching to the container. So you can be sure to get the last bit of ketchup and serum. Quite amazing, huh?


Word on the internet is that JLo used filters in her product promo videos, intentionally or unintentionally. In one video, the filter glitches and viewers can see her real skin texture. Still beautiful, but obviously make viewers less insecure about themselves not having smooth skin.

The thing is, celebrities having a facade don’t play as well as if they just be their real self these days. If JLo can just show her real skin, she would be widely celebrated rather than mentioned here as a 🍵 item.

But I guess she cannot because she’s selling a skincare line…


I found influencers with around 10k subscribers often produce the most informative videos. You almost hope they never grow big but at the same time cheer for them.

Stacey Chen is one such Youtuber. She gives comprehensive product reviews in her very therapeutic voice. Highly recommend you subscribe to her channel.

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