The Beauty Dupe Alert Vol.13 - ft. Jones Road

Hey everyone -Hoping you are enjoying the last few weeks of summer. A community member asked us how we find our dupes. How we differ from many other sites which find dupes simply by comparing ingredient lists, we take a step further to see what people are actually saying. Do the products feel the same and are they see similar results? We do social listening as well as many personal trials. Just this week, we tried the very popular Rose Inc cream blush - you know, the refillable ones that look like toilet seats. They are very very similar to the Tower 28 cream blush - the same balmy emollient texture that set down to a more matte finish. Yet Tower 28's is much more long-lasting and $10 cheaper. Even though the Rose Inc refills cost $18, the refillable packaging is only refillable if you use up the blush, which honestly rarely happens. If you want multiple colors in rotation you end up with multiple cases anyway…One day we will do a post on refillable packaging that actually make sense vs. created for marketing.  

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 If you don't have dry skin, the Jones Road miracle balm can feel like a burden on the skin, one that you might not want even for an angelic glow. Some also complained about the unpleasant scent of the balm.