The Beauty Dupe Alert Vol.10

Hey everyone -  

We are so swamped in the past week, physically and mentally, that we need some time to ourselves, like doing absolutely nothing after work. Try it, it’s a blast!

On the dupe front, a new affordable brand (all under $10) launched, af94 by Halsey. We heard that the af94 lip gloss ($8) is very similar to the Glossier lip gloss ($15), with the same high-shine lacquered long-lasting true gloss look but is less sticky. Give it a try if you are looking for one :)

New Dupe Alerts

As the health effect of petroleum jelly is still up in the air for debate, if you are looking for a petroleum-free on the safe side, and to get your money's worth, we found an alternative for you.

Do we need more lipsticks? I couldn't help but wonder (Carrie Bradshaw me), on National Lipstick Day, when I was bombarded with lipstick content. We can find an alternative for any lip product now; just when I thought we cannot, a similar one gets launched. It's a game of who gets in your face more, brand differentiation vs. product differentiation. Ranting aside, you came to look for an alternative Fenty Beauty Poutsicle Hyrdating Lip Stain ($24), you have to as they are sold out right now.