The Beauty Dupe Alert Vol.6 👒

Hey everyone - How was your long weekend? We took a week off for some R&R in New York City, not so much relax tbh but a lot of in-person shopping. In the beauty department, other than some perfumes that I have to smell and buy IRL, I got a bunch of Asian drugstore beauty products that I’ve repurchased again and again for the past 10 yrs.

The Japanese Yen has depreciated a lot recently, so it’s a great time to buy Japanese beauty products at even lower prices. I say with confidence that Japanese drugstore makeup and skincare are often of much higher quality than what’s in the US market with lower price tags, like the Skin Aqua Super Moisture Gel pump (SPF50 + PA ++++). The only downside is they use way too much plastic packaging.

All these mean that we didn’t add a lot of dupes, but nevertheless, check them out below if anything catches your eyes. P.S. If you find value in anything we do here, we would appreciate it if you could forward this email or share our tiny-but-mighty site with your family and friends.

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Even if you've never owned one, you must have drooled over the Guerlain Meteorites powder ($62) for THAT PACKAGING. The brand certainly knows and evolves the packaging throughout the years. With delicate carvings and heavy solid sleek metal packaging, you feel you got your money's worth.