The Beauty Dupe Alert Vol.5 🎇

Happy 4th, everyone! Are you going on a shopping spree the same as us? There surely will be a lot of sales going on, but a couple of things I always keep in mind (from years of experience of spending too much money on beauty):

  • The most you would save is from not buying anything. As Charlie Munger said, "One of the great defenses if you're worried about inflation is not to have a lot of silly needs in your life - you don't need a lot of material goods."

  • Try not to buy too many products that you haven't used up yet. Because you know what? There will always be more sales. And beauty products have a 6–24 months shelf life depending on if you've opened them or how they are stored, so you could end up throwing away the extra products you buy on sale. This is especially true for lipsticks and shadow palettes - after all, we only have one set of lips and two eyelids… unfortunately.

  • Be wary of sets. Sets are created to increase AOV (average order value) by always including a key popular product to entice customers. So you could easily end up paying more for the one product you want while getting a couple of things you don't need at all. Make sure you need everything in the set.

  • Dupes can be cheaper than even if a product is on a 50% off sale. If you pay close attention, some of the high-end products could be 4x the price of comparable dupes, especially mascara, eyeliners, and brow products.

You can see sales from Ulta and Nordstrom (anniversary sale preview) right now. Sephora has hinted at an upcoming sale as well.P.S. If you find value in anything we do here, we would appreciate it if you could forward this email or share our tiny-but-mighty site with your family and friends.

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Many drugstore brands are not as affordable as you think, especially when. compared with others. La-Roche Posay is one such brand, its hyaluronic acid serum costs $32 for 30ml (1oz), and a very similar option from COSRX costs $25 for 40ml , putting things in perspective.