The Beauty Dupe Alert Vol.4 🍵

Hey, y'all - As promised, we are here in your inbox again one week later.Here at beauty dupes, other than chugging iced matcha latte like water, we've been reflecting on the dupe culture. Why is it 'a thing', why did we build this site in the first place. It comes down to this 'fast beauty' trend - new and similar products get launched every single day. Like I was really excited to find Rhode Beauty launched a rejuvenating peptide lip treatment that is also a lip balm/glaze, which is a new product type I've never seen before, then later found out Kosas introduced a plumping lip treatment with peptides around the same time, probably with formula from the same lab? We are writing an essay sharing more of our thoughts on this but want to do a little ranting for now :)P.S. If you find value in anything we do here, we would appreciate it if you could forward this email or share our tiny-but-mighty site with your family and friends. We don't do any sponsorship or ads, every single visitor and subscriber comes organically.

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We thought it would be challenging to find a dupe for such an iconic product, Ulta's own beauty line, however, has a matte eye primer ($12) which many Redditors have replaced their UD eye primer with.

If you've ever had any pimples (especially the big red angry ones) you tried to cover up, and you've done research looking for a good concealer, you must have found someone somewhere online recommending the Clé de Peau Concealer.

Lip balm is lip balm…I didn't think lip balm could get any more elevated until the category of "lip treatment" popped up, a star leading the category is the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask.